ma·raud'er n.

v.intr.To rove and raid in search of plunder.
v.tr.To raid or pillage for spoils.

[French marauder, from maraudtomcat, vagabond.]

Friday morning while drinking coffee and browsing the net, I noticed that Crosman had finally restocked my rifle. The level of excitement and nervousness as I tried to place the order was like, well it was a lot like the too soon grab for the breast on a first date move. I dropped the credit card (twice) and fudged everything I typed. I finally managed to calm myself down and get the order placed. It will be mine, Yarr! Oh and I stopped grabbing for breasts on first dates when I was in high school. In case you're wondering. I've roughly a two week wait for it to ship. In the meantime I'll be placing another order for most of the usual accessories (scope, ammo, case, magazine, cleaning supplies) so that I can use it.

The one thing I'm still struggling with is whether to get a tank or hand pump to fill it with. Each has benefits and detriments making it harder on me to pick. I hope that I don't wind up owning both because combined they're costly.

A tank allows for multiple refills (to a point) where ever I may be, but I have to rely on someone with a 3000 psi air compressor to refill it. This, I'm learning, isn't as easy to find as I first thought. Dive shops carry them usually but I won't always be near one. The additional difficulty is that not all shops do refills for air gunners. The more inexpensive tank option available are the aluminum scuba tanks, but they require inspections and certifications every so often. Once I'm out of air in the field, I'm out.

With the hand pump I can refill anywhere at any time. The down side is that it's time consuming and takes a bit of physical work. The physical part isn't really that much of a problem but doing repetitious tasks like it gets old very fast with me. The other downside is that these pumps are specialized and require maintenance as  parts on them fail (O rings) somewhat regularly I've learned. This can be a pain if it breaks where I can't repair it. As long as it's working I can always refill anywhere.

Whatever the case I'll figure it out soon enough.


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