for the birds

With my rifle arriving any day now I realized I should probably do more to help out the native song bird population than what I have planned. For those wondering what I mean by that. My plan is to blast away as many house sparrows and European starlings as I can. They're destructive non-native birds who have wrought more harm than good since being mistakenly introduced to this continent. Oh and I'm not shooting at them where I live since it's an apartment and I have no backyard whatsoever. The shooting will take place in only in the proper venues. Back to the topic at hand.

So on the way home from work I picked up a bird feeder and seed formulated for song birds. The total cost was about $10. I filled and set it up as soon as I got home where I then watched it sit unused for almost two days. I even nicknamed it "The China Seed Buffet" for fun. Finally, this morning, I heard and saw song birds using it. So far it's only been a pair of carolina chickadees and baby cardinals tufted black-crested titmouse (lol) but hope to see more in the future. To be honest I didn't know what chickadees even looked like until I found a matching picture of them on google. I never thought I would get into this but I have to say that it was a real treat to see them partake. I would've posted pictures but because I shot them from inside they came out back-lit and washed out. I'll have pictures next time.  Right as I posted this I heard singing outside again. When I looked I saw this guy standing on the hand rail and snapped a picture that came out a little better.

Angry Happy Bird

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