rubber spock ears

I like to learn about new things all the time. This is why I've had many hobbies in my 40+ years. In all that time I've learned quite a lot about each hobby I took up. I keep up with the few I still like, but moved on from the ones I don't. There really just isn't enough time in the day to stick with all the ones I do like. Still, I do my best because they're worth it. Internet forums make it easier to learn and faster to exchange ideas with those in the know. Unfortunately there comes a time when people cross the line of being a hobbyist and turn into a extremist.  This is that moment when they've become that much of a geek in their respective study that they're completely lost in the minutia of it all. Hence the rubber Spock ears moniker. They won't snap out of it and insist on wearing the damn things to the dinner table. Now don't get me wrong I happen to love and am a huge Star Trek fan, but the truth is still the truth. It's these people who often make learning and understanding things very difficult. Since they don't know how to teach they are often heavy handed or just plain confusing. What's worse is they treat you as if it's your failing when you question or disagree with them. In short they forget what it is to be new. These are the folks who feel compelled to interject and push their point of view into every thread well beyond being helpful. I've learned passive ways to tolerate and deal with them so I can get to the heart of the matter. However I've also learned in onset of my old age that I'm not one to suffer fools longer than is socially acceptable.

I'm on my umpteenth hobby. Air rifle hunting. I'm asking questions in a forum about it. If you haven't guessed already, the guy sitting next to me at the table is wearing the ears. He won't shut up. I think I'm about to verbally take a grown man over my knee and spank him in front of everyone. That is all.

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