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"There are times when one would like to hang the whole human race, and finish the farce." - Samuel Clemens

I think since before my last post I've been feeling irritated to the point where stupid shit gets to me. This is how my last week went. I only worked three days in the office, and one at home. Normally it's a fun place to work at and not a typical or boring place to work at by any means. However I've been working there over the last 4 months (almost nonstop) without much of a break in routine. The walls were closing in. Working from home on Thursday so I could sign for an arriving package was a much needed break for me. Unfortunately on Friday I had jury duty, something I absolutely loathe doing. I hate cities and only ever go into one when absolutely necessary, so having to drive there for jury duty made the experience that much worse for me. Not being called to serve on a jury and learning that I'm exempt from being called again for the next three years was most definitely the upside to that day. I know civic duty blah blah blah. I've served on a couple of jury's and have come to learn what a waste of time it really is. I'll be happy when I won't ever be called to it again.

But wait, there's more! The errands I had to run over the weekend just about did my head in. Technically speaking, everything I did over the course of two days could have been done in one over two hours. Instead I spent about 3 hours running them on each day. I'm aware that it was a holiday weekend and all but something about the people out this weekend made it worse. It's like they turned on their stupid full blast and couldn't seem to handle doing the simplest of things. Driving, paying, pumping gas, and even picking up a bag of dog food. Needless to say I was feeling completely irate by the time I got home and pretty much locked myself in my apartment for the remainder of the weekend. It's at times like this when I'm acutely reminded why I've made the choice to prepare for the full timing life. I'm sure I'll have bad days out there too, but none quite like the ones I do now. Remembering this helped ground me again and made it possible to enjoy the rest of the weekend. That night I made a nice Gnocchi Pesto dinner, washed it down with some Guinness, and watched Deep Space Nine reruns with the beagle on the couch until bedtime.

This week is off to a good start already, and I know the coming weekend will be better than the last.

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