travel trailer roof repair - discovery phase

I called the dealer where I bought my trailer and spoke with the service center repair tech about my leak. The cost of resealing my entire roof would run around $300. Way more than I'm willing to spend. Repairing the hole would run around $60. Still too much. I gotta give the tech credit for one thing. He described the entire repair process to me so that I could do it myself. Not that I ever thought fixing a leak was a hard thing to do. Sometimes, if I can afford it, I like to pay someone else to do all the work for me. The benefit is two fold in that I can spend my time doing other things, and I'm not to blame if it was done wrong. The cost will be around $20 (half for the dicor and the other half for the denatured alcohol) and take about an hour. Everything sounds easy enough to do, but we'll see.


  1. Eternabond is our friend. We carry a roll with us always.

    1. I've plans to do the same once I'm out there, but held off on getting it in favor of traditional repair methods since I'm still sticks and bricks. Or would say it's superior to gooping on a fresh layer of dicor?