buyers remorse?

So I haven't bought anything yet but the thought of shelling out 2k for repairs got to me. After doing extensive research and contacting a few friends, I decided to replace only the timing belt. The dealer where I bought my truck (in CA) is owned by my friend's parents, who now also work in the family business. I sent out a few emails the day I found out about the repairs and the answers I received matched what my research turned up. According to Honda 100k is roughly the magic number when you need to replace your timing belt. This goes double if you live in an area with extreme temps and/or tow somewhat regularly. I do, and have for the past three years, on both counts. Slam dunk!

What was also in the emails/my research was that I may not need to replace the catalytic converter yet. The extreme temps can affect the O2 sensors and misreport the status. Most everyone said that their check engine lights switched off when the weather warmed back up. I'm going to wait until May and see if this holds true. It will be sufficiently warm by then, and also get my next bonus check. I'll can replace then if need be, but am hoping to avoid it.

* Updated to add the following ..

This negates getting the loan since the amount is too small to make it worthwhile. I'm going to charge the repairs on my lowest limit CC instead. I've been charging small things and paying it off every month in hopes they'll raise the limit. I haven't looked into this yet, but could've sworn that I read that it's better to get a limit increase instead of a new credit card/loan. More research.


  1. Check Engine light...had this happen to my SUV and it was only the gas cap had not been tightened and it causes a reading of lower vacume. A guy who knew about cars did something to turn the light off, I drove it for XX amount of miles and it passed my smog. Try finding someone who is not interested in making money doing a repair. Just a thought...hope this helps.

    But remember, taking care of this stuff now is a good investment towards your ultimate goal of many miles of travel (towing no less!) So better it happens now while you are still working.

    1. Agreed. The timing belt replacement is done and something I don't have to worry about for the next 100k miles now.

      The catalytic converter can wait indefinitely, and actually won't prevent me from being able to regsiter in SD.