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I've been writing about stuff from my trip but I'm not ready to post it yet. Part of it's because I had stuff I had to do, and the other half was to keep my mind distracted. You'll understand why when I publish later.

I've had quite a few good things happen over this past week 

I've got a new boss at work. Technically this is my second new boss for 2013 too. Towards the end of last year we were told about a reorganization and that we'd be getting a new boss in the new year. We did the usual mini meet and greet where you also get to voice any concerns. Mine was about being able to work from the local office instead of commuting. I've been riding the company shuttle for the last four months and have come to learn the strains of commuting three hours a day, four days a week. My first new boss was about to say yes to my request, but didn't get a chance to because he and my second new boss wound up trading positions in yet another reorg. I still got what I wanted as my second boss approved my request. I'm now back to a local commute, and grateful to have a bit more of the day to do with as I please.

Here's how my recent updates to the blog settings turned out. As I suspected the bot thing I turned on did nothing so I turned it back off. The disabling of anonymous comments turned out to be a success. I'm no longer seeing as many repeat visits from referrer sites as I used to. 

On Saturday I took Bridgie in so she could get her bloodwork done. The results took a few days to get, but the news was good. Her bloodwork results (from June last year) showed elevated enzymes in her liver which were caused by inactivity and being overweight. The vet said that in her recent results, those levels had dropped dramatically and were back to normal now. Good to know everything we've been doing is paying off.

Earlier last week I received a reminder call about my tax appointment with H&R Block. Crap! I scrambled to not only reschedule it, but had to find a closer office since I had moved to a new city. I lucked out though. Not only was the office around the corner from my new place, but were they able to schedule me for last Saturday afternoon. The best part is after we got them done I learned I'm getting back a little more than the year prior on my return. 

One of the best surprises to come out of last week was my sissy informing me that she and the nephew will be arriving tomorrow to spend a few days with me. This is kind of huge thing because no one else, aside from Trevor & Leah whose wedding I was in last year, has been able to visit me since moving out of California. Most of them wanted to come, but the effects of the recession kept them anchored. I'm very excited and can't seem to fall asleep even though I'm way past my bedtime.

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