catching up

The week following saw sissy's birthday and then the niece's senior and final dance recital/going away to college celebration. Or in other words there was more planning, running around town, and executing said plans on the event days. This was on top of completing my parents honey do list in which I'm happy to report that things are going as planned. Many changes/fixes have taken place making their day to day lives easier again. This was a busy month to say the least and I'm glad everything is done and winding down.

It's been three weeks back in the city (one I happen to care little for) and I think I'm just about ready to leave. I've still got about three to four more months before I depart and I'm hoping they'll pass quietly and without incident. 

Financially I've seen money go out at an alarming pace but this was expected in part from my trip and all the family related events. I've been reviewing my options for short term employment but am not sure what exactly I want to do at this time. Here are a few of the options I'm considering.
  • IT work - This is the least desireable to me because I kind of want to distance myself from tech work and move into other areas. The reason it's still on the table is because of how much I can earn in a very short amount of time. 
  • Retail work - It's easier compared to what I used to do, and there are plenty of jobs available. The main drawback is how managers in this genre generally treat you poorly, and the pay is low. I'm just not sure if I'll make enough to save for later. 
  • Amazon - I'm seriously considering taking a seasonal position at a fulfillment center. The rate of pay definitely allows me to save despite how physically demanding (I've read) the work is. However this is still a plus given my historically high lipid profile.
  • Cash out the 401k - I know, I know, I know. Everyone says to leave it where it is. Here's the thing. Despite paying taxes and a penalty for early withdrawal, it would allow me to pursue work at a very very relaxed pace. The other thing is those penalties get washed out at tax time because I earned less this year than the year prior. I still managed to collect a tax return to boot. I learned this from the last couple of down turns.
Now that I've got some time to myself I'm going to finally reconnect with some friends.

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  1. Good to read about your progress so far, Steve!
    Hope you are going ok and Brigite is in good health. May your future plans come about with little hassle.