nine days

... since I arrived back in CA. The last week has been differently busier than the nine days prior. After getting past the initial welcome back crush of family and friends I turned to unloading, unpacking, getting moved in, and everything stashed away in a matter of two days. 

The relaunch of Bistro Chienne was a success!

The first order of business was getting my sister's dog (Oreo) onto Bridgette's feeding schedule and brand of food (Acana). Not a difficult task since Oreo is a tubber that eats anything at anytime. She gets smaller portions since the food is healthier/richer and is finally losing all the leftovers weight my parents put on her. 

Samsung Tab 2 7"

Second order of business was getting a (late) Mother's & Father's day gift for the folks. Sissy and I decided to bring them up to date tech and got them both tablets this year. By decided I mean that we took them window shopping to find the ones they and our wallets liked. Luckily they're fairly tech and internet savvy so the learning curve wasn't too steep. It also hurts none to have a tech support pro as a son whose living under your roof and ready to help on demand. The grandson expidited the presentation of the gifts, and unwrapping before devouring a bowl of rice at our Father's day lunch.

Om nom nom nom nom!
We didn't even get a chance to catch our breath before we moved onto the next piece of family business. My niece's graduation from high school was in two days. Clothes were dry cleaned, hair was done, and presents were prepared for the big day. I don't think any of us could be happier or prouder for her at this moment. She even gave the farewell speech and rocked it! We've got about 15 years to prep for the next one which should be just enough time.

Little brother is watching you, always.

We had our celebration dinner at the niece's favorite restaurant. The Melting Pot. My father had never had fondue before in his life. I pee'd myself when he almost tried to use two of the fondue forks like chopsticks. During dinner a video played of my niece's pictures and dance recital videos throughout the years. It was kind of surreal eating really great food while crying at the same time. I would do it again though. I'm seriously so proud of my Silly Silly Sabi's accomplishments.

Now I'm getting caught up with personal pursuits and more importantly seeing all the friends I've held at bay since returning. Odd, but I'm busier now that I'm not working than when I was.

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