take the long way home: part two

Sunday morning we left Carlsbad and made our way north to Roswell, NM. I was almost disappointed in not seeing a single flying saucer until I came up on this sign welcoming us to the town.

No import will ever be as reliable as a 'Murican truck
Our first stop was the town of Lincoln, NM where the Lincoln county war began and Billy the Kid rose to promenance as a gunfighter. This is the also the town where Billy was tried, convicted, and made his famous escape killing Deputy James Bell and Deputy Marsall Bob Ollinger in the process.

Lincoln Courthouse/Jail
The town sells a pass which gets you into all of the museums for only $5 per person. The tour is free for beagles apparently. Lincoln is not a big town and you can walk end to end in about 3 minutes if you're a power walker. It took us about 50 times longer because I was massively geeking out at each stop, and the beagle couldn't walk a straight line to save her life

Pretend the minivan is a wagon and the street is dirt

Inside the T&M store
Now this next spot is a bit of a treat. This is the site where the McSween home once stood and also where Alexander McSween along with some of the last of the Lincoln County Regulators lost their lives as the home was burnt out. The home next to, on the right, of the store. This picture was shot from behind the right side of the store looking out towards the street. I parked in front of it when I arrived having no idea what the empty lot was until I read the historic placard in front.

That's my rig in front.
Being able to physically connect with while I toured the town put me over the moon since I'm an old west gunfighter fanboy. I'm not sure what this says about me as a person but can't and don't want to help it! Bridgie got some steak for dinner that night on account of my being in an excessively good mood.


  1. Bridgie loves Lincoln. Lincoln = steak.

    1. She is such a brave altruistic pup for stepping up and taking all that cholesterol away on for her dad.

  2. Love the sign into town. Can't wait to see where you and Brigette alight next.

  3. Good you are finally on the road!!! Maybe we will meet up somewhere....I am heading back to Colorado this weekend to stay for several weeks.

    1. Probably not this summer based on my schedule, but the fall or winter for sure! Believe me when I say that I'm really looking forward to catching up.