baby baby

So I finally got to see my friend, kind of. I saw his kids and wife while he was at work. I did take lots of pictures and texted them to him while I was there. I didn't want the poor guy feeling left out.

Mr Wyatt
It'd been a while since I held a baby much the less fed one, but I managed ok. Their mom was cracking up at how delicate I was being with them, but they really feel fragile at this age. I can tell Wyatt is a thinker by how quietly he watched and studied everything. I think he's gonna put his mom and dad thru some interesting experiences once he starts doing stuff for himself.

Miss Camberly
This little one slept just about half the time I was there. She finally woke up for her feeding and never once stopped making cute noises the entire time (awake or asleep). And my god can that little girl fart up a storm. It was nonstop, and is something I cannot wait to bring up when she gets older.

Presents for the kiddos
We got them a nice pair of his and her boxes stuffed with all kinds of goodies for them. Thank god sissy was there to help me pick out stuff because I was at a complete loss in the infant section. Had I been left to my own devices I would've brought back a bunch of puppy toys and supplies instead.

It's taken a little over a week but me and daddy finally managed to schedule dinner together. Looking forward to seeing him and a few other very good friends tonight!


  1. I dig Wyatt's antennae.

    I get to hang out with a baby here, too. It's therapeutic, amirite?

    1. The kid is well connected. His daddy is in the IT biz (as I was). They are and these two are just too much fun!

  2. Babies are wonderful, especially when you don't have to keep them with you all the time.