veggie tales

It's been a long time since I planted a vegetable garden. The last time I planted one was at my parents old house which was some thirty plus years ago and I realized just how much I'd forgotten in that time. I've spent the last week boning up on all the latest methods and am a little overwhelmed. I'm doing this not just for the veggie garden I'm going to help my parents setup in their backyard, but also for a garden I'm hoping to plant at one of the places I'm staying at this winter.

The type of garden I'm hoping to plant is the Three Sisters Garden (corn, beans, and squash). I will grow other types of veggies as well in this garden, but figured the sisters might be a good start as I'm familiar with growing corn already.

Any readers with experience on growing in the desert who can offer me advice so that my first attempts are not a total disaster will be greeted and treated to a delicious home cooked meal by me.

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