it's august, wait what?!?

I was aware that the end of month was fast approaching but had kind of stop keeping track since arriving here. Now it's August and I can't believe that spring ended, and we're already a little more than a month into summer already. The weather has been blissfully mild here, at least compared to what I endured while living in central Texas. That being said, I am already looking forward to vacating this major metro area as soon as the weather cools to somethign livable in the nearby deserts. I miss it dearly and really need to recharge my batteries.

Earlier today I connected with a friend whose "living out there already" and gather some preliminary info on starting a desert veggie garden. She's been living there for over a year, and as a local has amassed the kind of resource information that's crucial to make this work. To be honest she was a touch skeptical about the idea when I presented it but was swayed as I explained it in greater detail . My excitement level was bumped up when she agreed it could be done, but also found a way to up the ante. She brought up the desire to setup a wood burning oven. That put me over the top because I love cooking in as many old fashioned ways as is possible. Food simply tastes the best that way to me. I'm hoping to build, or if they build one before I arrive, at least get to use a brick oven to cook with by the time I make it out there.

I'm a little ahead of myself so let me take a step back. Our discussion was pretty long and involved. The first challange involved composting in the desert. Based on the lack of moisture and lack of certain elements it will have to be fed and maintained differently than a traditional one. Still, the discussion was uber productive and set us on the right path towards making it happen. The surroudning area also happens to be the bed of a large farming community which I believe will grant us access to more resources. If not, I'm ok with that and am looking forward to creative ways of making what we have work for us.

Challange accepted.

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