What is it that drives others to do this? I mean especially when one is happy already. Several friends have attempted to set me up, well before I had left even Texas and returned to California. The answer, at least in my case in part, is my friends hope to anchor me here on a more permanent basis. Even my sister has lined someone up. Seriously though, what is it that drives one to do this? I've never even felt the slightest urge which makes the whole concept alien to me. I don't mean to sound unappreciative of the thought and effort behind it.

It took me a long time to put things into perspective after my last breakup. I even swore off dating just as a means to get my head into a better space with the intent to resume again later. After I got to that better head space I had learned that I really enjoyed being single. I'm better at it than any of my past relationships. I think I just suck when it comes to relationships. Oddly enough there's a direct correlation between my attempts to be a better partner and my worst relationships. The ones I didn't care as much about were the ones that were more fun and at least ended amicably.

Starting sometime last year I've had a friend whose been trying to set me up. Here's what's transpired thus far. The first girl was deported to Canada because of a mistake her mother had made years ago in the paperwork, and she was Asian. Her ethnicity has no bearing other than it struck me funny that my friend chose her of all people to set me up with. Kind of like we were the only two Asians she knew. The second girl is a mutual friend and bat shit crazy. My sister is a friend of crazy girl and can verify the veracity of my claim. Sissy also laughed at the suggested pairing. The third girl is a coworker of said friend's boyfriend and I even received a picture this time. Honestly, the girl is pretty and all but I spotted the crazy eyes on her so that was an absolute no. I don't know how to describe crazy eyes other than you can tell that there's something (very) not right based on the look in their eyes. 

As if that wasn't enough. Ever since I got back my dad has been trying to get me to the local Chinese newstand to meet a girl who works there. In his case I think he's just jonesin for more grandchildren.

And then sissy (sort of) enters the fray. She's been taunting me about meeting a friend of hers whom she says I would hit it off with and were it not for some difficulties in her life, that we should date. This kind of thing always sends a clear and concise message to me. She also said that she's my type which is funny because I've never really had one, but she swears by that statement. Now I've dated all kinds of girls from all walks of life. They've never shared any physical or personality characteristics other than being female. I'm kind of proud of that because I feel it important to love anyone for who they are and not what you want them to be. Then the picture comes out. At this point I gotta give in because she really is every kind of pretty I've ever liked. And the eyes were of the kind and sweet variety. I haven't met the woman, yet. I'm almost a little afraid to because I think sissy has pegged me pretty well. 

Whatever the case what the future intends for me only time will reveal. I'm happy and life is good!


  1. Fortune cookie say, "Choose your relationships wisely. It’s better to be alone than to be in bad company."
    Your lucky numbers were drawn by someone in NJ.