be like water

In recent years I've done a lot more planning, with a more successful execution of said plans than in the past. Nothing is pefect and there are always unexpected setbacks to be overcome. This success partly comes from what I'd read in Bruce Lee's books on the philosophy behind Jeet Kun Do. The philosophy of remaining fluid became a great lesson when I entered the ever changing IT support field. Life also reminded me to not plan too rigidly when I had forgotten, sometimes gently, sometimes not so much. The lessons held this time and I've been able to complete each stage of this lifestyle change successfully. I'm very aware that I'm in what some consider to be the infancy of my plans, and that life might kick my ass again. That's life.

Despite how creepy I believe some craigslisters to be, it's still a great resource for stuff. Especially free stuff! I found a guy giving away one of those industrial plastic 55 gallon barrels there this week. Why would I need 55 gallons of water? Normally I kind of wouldn't, at least not all at once. Here's why. My rig is classified as a price point travel trailer by the manufacturer and was made with only a 10 gallon freshwater tank on board. Because of this I carry two 5 gallon expandable containers to make up for the smaller tank. Odd thing is the grey is 15, and the black is 9 which leaves me with about a 14 gallons of leeway before being full. The veggie garden plans dictate that I'm going to need a lot more water. Hence the free barrel, but also having an extra source of water is never a bad thing. It's a little bit bigger than I need, but I won't be filling it until I reach my destination. I won't even fill it completely if the refill point is close enough. However I'm keeping my eye open for a 25-30 gallon square tank which would sit better in my truck bed. I'm hoping to trade the barrel for it. We'll see what craigslist turns up between now and go time.

As a side note. I kept track of a lot of things like water consumption and waste disposal on each trip. In comparing notes recently I learned that I reduced both on my last trip. This was all prior trips before my last combined together. For those keeping score the last trip was nine days, and total combined priors to that was 14 days. Those trips also took place during the winter months with the recent one in summer.

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