hablas ingress?

In April I blogged about a game I started playing called Ingress. In that entry I explained how this game lent itself to those living the fulltiming lifestyle. At least for those who have an interest in this kind of thing. Because of the game I got to see a few more things than I planned on due to the games ties to various historic and/or artistic type landmarks and locations in the real world. One of the highlighted moments of my recent trip happened on my visit to Montezuma's Castle as there were also eight portals on site. The other aspect of the game is that it can be as social or anti-social as you want. In my case I'm ok with and like meeting new people; this gives me a nice in when connecting with local area players. I sometimes learn something about whichever area I may be visiting that isn't in the books or maps from them.

Shortly before I made level eight

I've been casually playing this game since the beginning of April and have reached the coveted maximum level 8 in about three months time. The game is still in beta so that could always change later. Here is some info mixed with some thoughts on the game.

You need a smartphone with a data plan to play.

The backstory to the game is clever and tied to a lot of history as the story is now starting to reveal. If you love a little bit of mystery you'll enjoy this. They release weekly video news reports which pushes the story along and also shows you what other players around the globe are doing. Very creative and fun stuff!

I love to walk and hike a lot as is, but have walked much more since I started playing. My lipid panel from last month shows my numbers as slightly better than normal now. It's nice to have my body love me again and not try to murder me.

Many of the people playing this game come from all walks of life. I've meet computer profs to stay at home moms to educators to truck drivers to college students playing the game at any given time. Here's a cool article about the Demographics of Ingress for anyone interested. 

The game is free to download and play. However if you have a limited data plan you can exceed your monthly data allotment and add to your monthly phone bill. I have an unltd data plan with my provider so it costs me nothing extra. See next line.

Gasoline isn't cheap, and it's generally more expensive in CA. Since I'm in a major metro area with lots of portals I walk most of the time to play. If I drive someplace it's only when I'm running errands, and only play if there is something on the way or at the destination. Please see next line.

If you lean towards being obsessive compulsive DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. I've seen many OCD types just about lose their minds in not being able to hold a portal or area. I can't tell you how much money people have wasted in fuel costs alone because they can't let something go. 

I've accidentally discovered and learned a lot of history I might not have learned about in playing this game. More often than not the history was right under my nose. 

The game is a battery hog. You can and will eventually and completely deplete your phone battery during play. In portable power solutions I blogged about a car charger (which most with smartphones already have) but also a backup battery which is a great thing to have even if you don't play the game. They are both inexpensive and superior to anything Bestbuy had to offer. The one I purchased can recharge my phone five times over before I have to recharge it.

You as a player can submit portal suggestions if you happen to know a place of historical significance, statue, modern artwork, or landmark as long as your smartphone has a signal. 

The best benefit is how much more your dog will love you for taking them on all those extra walks.

This is yet another reason why I'm really looking forward to my fall/winter departure and seeing what lies on the road ahead.

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