running on empty

My cycling has kind of come to a stand still. I'm still doing it but I'm just not venturing out since I've seen everything I would want to where I'm at. The timing was perfect since I've not had as much time lately due to preparations for xmas. I finished all my xmas shopping three days ago and have been feeling rather reclusive so I've not left the house since. Instead I've been helping mom cleanup, rearrange, and get rid of a lot of stuff at home. In doing so I came across a bunch of family albums where I found some old pictures I thought I'd share.

Me and my first bike.

Me and my first xmas

About two weeks ago my phone stopped working. There was no warning of the impending failure, and it simply would not turn on. This kicked off what was to become a weeklong ordeal. I didn't want to commit to another two year contract but had no choice as it was the most inexpensive choice. After some research I found the perfect phone and placed my order. This was an online special for the Moto X with overnight shipping. It wasn't until after the order was placed that I learned (from the email conf) that shipping occurs after processing which takes 5-7 days. To make matters worse there was a choice for in-store pickup which didn't work nor was there an explanation why. I called "customer care" the following morning about it, and they changed it to in-store pickup. When I arrived the store reps said I could not pick it up and would have to wait for it to ship. Later that afternoon I received an email that it had shipped and would arrive the following day. It did not. It was shipping from the one of the midwest cities that was hit by the storm. I waited five more days before it arrived. The new phone is great and I couldn't be happier with it, but I really could've done without seeing what's pictured below five days later.

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