cabin fever

In the midst of my ever increasing urban claustrophobia, I've been giving a lot more thought towards how I might build my remote New Mexico getaway cabin. Before I go on I do realize that my plans tend to jump around a bit. Since I have no itinerary or agenda to speak of my mind is free to wander anywhere it wants. Geographically speaking I haven't budged, but being able to adjust plans before leaving allows me to take advantage of any changes. Anyways, planning the cabin is how I kept myself occupied while we waited on mom's biopsy results last week (which, for anyone who missed it, turned out to be benign). I figured it was also a good time to decide on what to do with my piece of land here in CA. I want to sell it but not if it's wash or at a loss, so took the first step and got in touch with the agent who sold it to me to find out what it'd go for. I'm still waiting to hear back from her but if it's not worth much now, I know it'll be worth more with a cabin on it. During our convo we also caught up with each other and I learned that there are quite a few jobs in the area. Especially in my new chosen field. I started entertaining the idea of moving there to work and earn enough to build a nice little getaway cabin on it. I'm going out there first to spend a little time and suss out whether the idea is feasible or not. From what most of the locals have told me there isn't going to be much of a problem with me living in a travel trailer on my own land.

While I've been stuck here, I used the time to shift some funds around for easier access later. I also won't have to return or have mom forward me my W-2 to where ever I might've been at. I filed my taxes this week and am queued up to be one of the first to receive their tax returns in February. I'm ready to roll outta here but am sticking around an extra week (yes, it hurts) to say goodbye to an old friend whose moving to NYC. I haven't seen him in a while and want to be around to send him off on his next adventure.

I'm equally anxious to start mine.

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