I made her wait three months longer than originally intended and that was unfortunately three months too long. Well, excepting what my mother went through. I've spent the last week paring down my possession's (even more) and hauling what's coming with to her in preparation for my departure. I'm really glad to be finally leaving the city at long last; I hope to stay away from one as long as is possible. I do feel a little bad for my beagle since she's about to have her happy little routine nuked yet again. She's been through this at least six times and to her credit handled it like a trooper each time. 

There is something that's bothering me about this departure. My sister is going thru a rough patch in her life and I simply don't know how to help her. To the point, I don't have it in me to help her at this time. Honestly, I want to but I'm spent. I take solace in her doing all the right things to help herself but also has a group of friends who are supporting her through it. Instead I'm putting on puppet shows for my nephew using his stuffed toy dinosaurs. Not much, I know, but it keeps the little guy giggling and entertained while mommy works stuff out. 

Today is the eve of the Chinese New Year, and I'm hoping that things start turning around for the better once the clock ticks over. I'm over what the Snake year has brought, and looking forward to what the Horse brings. It's supposed to favor me being not only a Horse native, but the right variation. Soon!

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