the dark spot

This started a little over two weeks ago. New Years was a week behind us and I was just getting over a stomach bug. Mom went in for a regularly scheduled checkup and had a mammogram due. The first scan was botched and she was called to return a few days later to do it again. The second scan found something. This is where mom started freaking out a bit. Her mind, and ours, ran thru all the possible scenarios of what this could mean. We did our best to calm her until she went in for her biopsy. We did our best to remind her that the likelihood of her having cancer was minimal due to there not being a history of it in her family and that she had always taken steps to live a healthy lifestyle. However we were still secretly unnerved at the thought of it taking her from us. Time and the perspective one gains from it was the only thing that eventually calmed her (and our) nerves. A few days later they called to inform her that it was benign. She was in tears, but very very happy that her worst fears were now behind her. Mom has been able to resume her life and is still keeping busy.

Any of you who have gone through this with loved ones understand how much this changes everything. I don't know how you managed to cope, but have a great deal of respect for those who stuck by them.

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