a weekend in the life

The me time is paying off and I'm feeling centered, or re-centered. To do that I sequestered myself in the trailer and played a lot of xbox. In fact I xbox'd my brains out, and it felt great! That wasn't all I did though. I had some chores which I took care of along with some shopping (in town & online). The chores were mainly my laundry, wash the dish, and some sweeping. You gotta love living in a small space. It takes all of about 10 minutes to deep clean the place.

I finally picked up a small mirror which puts an end to me missing spots when I'm shaving. Luckily no one really notices it cause of the Asian genes/light hair growth. I also picked up a toilet scrub brush at the dollar store. Not that anything was bad there so much as this just makes cleaning easier. Online, I ordered a small rice cooker and dog hammock for the backseat of my truck. It's not that my job requires me to use my own vehicle to transport dogs, but I have been lately. We have a golf cart assigned to our area that we use for that purpose but it's out for repairs. This was something I meant to get for Bridgette because I'm tired of the extra effort required to remove dog hair from the upholstery. The rice cooker wasn't something I needed to order since I left one behind in storage at the parents house. However, it is older and doesn't have the additional steamer tray that the new one does. I'm sure the cost of shipping the old one here would probably be the same as the new one from Amazon. 

I'm looking forward to winter arriving as it's currently monsoon season here. I love the cool rainy days and am over the hot sunny ones. 


  1. "xbox"

    I'm sorry. I'm 12 lately and can't snap out of it.

    1. Awesome! I consider myself 10, at least four times over.