small town livin'

I've come to learn something about many of my coworkers in the short time I've lived here. Many of them don't keep up with the news which I just can't fathom why. Maybe it's me whose choosing to not let what happens in the world go. I'm not sure which yet. I have noticed that many of them lead seemingly happier lives though. This has made me wonder if it's because they choose to purposely not follow what's going on in the world outside here and focus solely on their lives that makes that happiness possible. I don't consider myself to be a miserable person, nor am I excessively happy. Lemme reel it back in before I start pontificating. I haven't found my life here to be any different here than any other place I've lived in before. The only differences I've noticed so far is that it's just a smaller version and with a few less choices when compared to a larger city. In short, it's what I'd expected all along. While I do miss some conveniences of a larger city, I wouldn't dream of trading them for what I've got now. I'm lucky in that I found the perfect place to live and work in for this time in my life.

As for my coworkers. Many of them are very focused with what goes on in the animal rescue world and that some people suck. I am too, but not on the almost evangelical level some of them are on. I'm more focused on learning a new craft and how I can do it to the best of my abilities. Learning to care for the dogs has been fairly easy in of itself, but like any craft there are a million little details that take time and experience to learn. I do think that some people suck when it comes to how they treat their animals, and firmly believe karma will visit them in kind. Since I could care less about fixing bad people, I've instead chosen to save the world by helping to rescue dogs from them.

Dog is my copilot!

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  1. Good to hear you are doing well, Steve! I reckon I can get a bit of isolation myself one day. Fat chance of that with me being needed all the time! I am currently here Stateside but will fly out in October 6. Already, there's been a couple of emergencies with the parents, but none too serious. Relatives took care of them in my absence but they do feel it when I am gone from there. Since I cannot move, I am trying to design a small studio/bedroom/private bath setup for myself in the house so I can have my own little hideaway when I want to get away from people. Anyway, good to hear you are thriving well out there with the beagle!

    1. I'm glad to hear things are at least going well within reason with your family. Count your blessings that you're not where I am where they're concerned. Outside of them, everything is still going great here. I'm looking forward to seeing where things go from here.