nothing's wrong

This is a me thing. At least that's what I've been telling myself all this time. Every now and then I'll feel like I've worn out my welcome with any and every living thing around me. When this happens I usually sequester myself in my domicile and do whatever will help me feel normal again. Usually (these days) it's me getting in some Xbox time or watching an old show on Netflix from beginning to end. I haven't done either of those since arriving here, which I only now realized has been the longest stretch in-between to date. This is a good overall, but not great since I still need to pull away. I only say this because part of me thinks that it's abnormal to need time away. Now I know this isn't reality, but still can't shake the feeling when it hits. Today is the first weekend day, but somehow the feeling still managed to hit and blanket me. I'm thinking that I'll get done what I need to out in town and the lock myself in while avoiding all calls and texts. Me time!

Despite my mental hindrances, I did manage to have a productive day today. The highlights consisted of my trying out another restaurant for breakfast in town, some quality Ingress game time, and getting Bridgette in for a vet visit. They did a physical examination, a blood draw, and aspirations. The PE showed her to be in great health/weight, I'm waiting on the results of the blood draw still, and her two new lumps turned out to be lipomas (again). The other thing that B had looked at was her teeth. She's low on the totem pole, but is on the list for a cleaning. This and the other stuff is good news to me. I'm on the right track in how I care for and feed her.

I decided to nix the part that used to be here. I had a moment of weakness when I wrote it originally, but I came to my senses. Yes, I still think my beagle's doctor is cute. Let's just leave it at that.

I feel fine.

Its the end of the world as we know it by REM on Grooveshark

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