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... how time flies. It's been four months fifteen days since I arrived here with little more than my possessions and a (loose) plan to start a new life. In that time it took me 38 days to go from volunteer to employee at Best Friends, This is something I later learned is not as easy a thing to do as it was for me. As I wound my way through the hiring process I came to really learn how fortunate I was. The sanctuary receives approximately 7000+ applicants per year, and if you don't have any prior animal experience you're sorted out immediately. This explains why I never heard back from them when I applied last February. Turns out my idea of volunteering until I was hired or asked to leave the premises never to return again was a good one.

I've been learning a great deal about dog behavior, body language, and training techniques in my first three months here. The education has been informative if not humbling at the very least.

As far as things with my family. I don't expect them to ever make the effort to visit me. I mean my parents mainly since they never made the effort when I lived in Texas for four years. Sissy and the nephew did and I know they will come here when they can. I'm a little hurt by this because I wanted them to see me truly happy (for once) in my new life. In recognizing the reality of their never coming to see me I also came to the conclusion that they really don't care enough to begin with.

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  1. I understand. I'm glad you are away being happy. Life's to short to appease those who don't respect you.