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These are the things that make a life, and the last few weeks has seen a string of them. One of the first things was a long standing problem for me. My faucet had spring leaks. At first it took place at the stem base, but as time went on leaks sprang up all along the faucet line. My first choice for replacement didn't work out as planned.

It was my second that worked out. The first was metal and you can (partially) didn't work out. The main reason why it didn't work was because of the type of tubing used. In short it wasn't flexible as was the sink pictured above.

I wound up having to go with another plastic faucet (like the original) which has worked out. So far. I wanted to go with the metal replacement but didn't have the tools needed to make this work. Namely a blow torch to make a hole where it was most needed. I made due with the plastic. Mostly it was the cost and some logic. I had used the original a few scant times where it had time to dry out. This is most likely what led to its demise. I'm hoping that I'm in a position of constant use now is what keeps the new one going.

Bridgette and I have been plugging along and are keeping focused. However there has been a slight snag. Ok, it's not really a snag so much as life happening as it always does. In the pic above, you can see that B takes seriously whatever I do. That serious thing happens to be a new girl/sister. We learned two days ago that a recent adoptee was returned. This particular adoptee was very fond of me. I'm taking this return as a sign of fate and will be adopting her very soon. First we have an intro with her and B. Before I go on, here's Gigi.

I digress. B and G have an intro. This has to happen even with the best of behaved dogs. I happened to insist on it based on my knowledge of my girl. Gigi is only two years old and happens to have the same personality as B did at that age. I know that B has not (historically) gotten along with any dogs of the same mind as hers. I'm hoping old age has mellowed her out. We'll find out in two days either way. So sorry as I am to leave you with a cliffhanger like this ... please stay tuned for how this plays out.

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  1. A warm welcome to your newest family member Gigi.