We had to postpone it, but only by an hour. In the end I was more worried about it than Bridgette and Gigi were. B could care less, and didn't even care to react when G growled at her while sitting in my lap. The remedy for that is simply pushing the growler off your lap. The girls are getting along and no fights have broken out to date. We're all taking baby steps together for the next few weeks.

A week later G turned out to be a bit destructive when I had to leave her/them alone. She's now crated during those times. The casualties were a pair of throw pillows that were coming apart at the seams already, two collars, and a cheap dish washing brush. She also was a bit of a yapper during my absences, but the behavior has subsided with time. She gains confidence with each of my returns. 

The adoption coordinator astutely sized me up and called this a long term "foster to adopt". After bringing her home I started to wonder if I did the right thing. I know this is normal for any adoption/foster situation. Here's what I mean though. B has been with me for almost a decade in a variety of living situations. She & I wouldn't dream of being anywhere without each other. However G still has a choice, at least as far as I can make for the time being. I feel she deserves a proper home, and am wrestling with submitting her to the mobile lifestyle. Intellectually I understand that it makes no difference to G where she lives. She's just happy to be with me. My reasons against are purely emotional, and I get that. 

I feel the kid deserves the best, and as you can see from the pictures she won't have any trouble being adopted. The time she's spending with us is benefiting her. So, if anything we're teaching her some good manners and skills that she'll be able to take with her to her forever home should I decided not to adopt. Whatever the outcome there have been no major catastrophes and we're starting week two together. More baby steps ...

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  1. You are right, if she doesn't stay with you, she will have a whole new set of skills to be someone else's wonderful dog.Give them both a hug for me.