So on the second day of training in my new area, I and one of our dogs were filmed for an upcoming documentary. I asked about and learned that it's a follow up story about the Michael Vick dogs which will premiere at the next Sundance. Even though I already know what's been happening with them, it should be fun to see it on screen. Keystone (the dog) and I were filmed during her feeding and doing a couple of tricks together. She's an adorable big brown furry dog with floppy ears, and I'll skip me since most of you already know what I look like. It'll be about three months to see if I made the final cut or not. Whatever the case, it was fun for the both of us. Keystone loved eating like a queen and getting a ton of treats that morning. I simply love getting to do what I do for a living now.


  1. Hope you make the cut, to make it to Sundance? Priceless.

    1. To be honest I kind of dropped off the map with a lot of friends. Many of whom attend Sundance and are animal lovers. I think seeing where I turned up is going to result in a lot of phone calls.