she's gone

My 30 days were up as of last Thursday and I had to decide whether to adopt or not. It was a very difficult one to make. In the end I decided to let her go. Ultimately I wanted her to have a home, a real home, and not the vagabond home I'd brought her into. I know intellectually that she doesn't care where she lives, but I couldn't come to terms with it. What got to me was that I knew I could still make a choice for her, so I did. We loved each other to no end. Bridgette even put on her best behavior while she was here. I learned today, after Pippi went to her forever home, that B was on her best behavior. I don't know if it was for me or her, but I'm glad that she had enough sense to even do it. B did pin her once but P was acting like a little cunt so it was deserved.

I do and will miss the munchkin, but know that she's getting a better life. Turns out another staff worker was looking for a small dog and P was a perfect fit. We had another intro but the two of them got along just fine. I am sad that this didn't work out for us, but I do believe that (in the future) I'll be meeting a dog that I simply cannot live without. I love Pippi dearly but didn't feel the attachment with her that I have with my current and past dogs. And so this chapter ends and another one begins.


  1. Sounds like the right hard decision was made.

    1. I feel it was. She wasn't doing well in rugged lifestyle me and B are leading.