lateral promotion

Last week my team lead informed me that she volunteered me to move to a different area in Dogtown. Technically this is a step up even though I'll be doing the same job. The step up is that I'll get to work with multi color collared dogs. The area I currently work in has only green collared dogs. Green signifying that they're good dogs. The other colors are purple and red, which means there are deeper issues in varying degrees with the dogs. Additional trade offs is that I'll be working with less volunteers in the new versus old area. The big plus is that this satisfies one of the requirements for me to make Dog Caregiver Tier 2 which ultimately equates to more pay. Not that I'm doing this for the money, but the starting pay was a considerable cut from what I used to make. Anything more makes life a bit easier.

This kind of move is not unheard of but unexpected since people aren't normally moved from one area to another until they've worked approx. nine months to a year at least. I've been on board for five to date. I've got to assume that they either think I'm doing a great job and beating the learning curve, or are out to get me bit to where I quit. I'm going with the more positive assessment. My move is set to take place sometime next week. My journey into the world of animal welfare is taking another step. Good times!

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