man of a certain age

I've reached an age where things are starting to change within me again. I preferred the last change where when noticing girls meant having to stay seated, and/or not seated depending on the circumstances. These changes aren't as much fun though. It means I have to take greater care in lifestyle choices or suffer the consequences sooner. This now, on top of lifelong food and environmental allergies. Moving to Texas hasn't helped the latter and has exacerbated the former unfortunately. My recent trip to CA exposed me to a lot of stuff my body had to learn to deal with all over again and then had to deal with Texas again in a 2 week time span. There's also construction going on at my office so who knows what else is in the air there.

My first inhaler
This created the perfect storm and I needed to pay a visit to the doctors office for some help. I won't bore you with the details because it's not that bad (and I'm tired of talking about it) nor is there any permanent damage done. My body needs a little help so it can have a chance to heal itself so the doctor has prescribed an arsenal of drugs and what not. My medical expenses (even with insurance) have temporarily set me back financially. I'll make it up eventually but the cut into my funds means I have to sacrifice something now or it'll be several months before I've recovered fully. Unfortunately that sacrifice costed me my trip to Quartzsite for RTR II this month. Tragically even if money wasn't an issue the doctor said it's highly recommended that I avoid travel for the time being. Proving once again that sometimes, life just hands you your own ass because it can.


  1. Oh, Steve, sorry for your current circumstances and that I will miss seeing you at Q. Perhaps another time....

  2. Me too Sue! Maybe we (you, me, robi, and anyone else) can get together again in New Mexico over Memorial Day weekend.

  3. I will be back in Oregon by then so it will have to wait until another time.

  4. Steve,
    Take care of your health first! Without health, nothing else can be enjoyed.

    Sorry you missed out on RTR. At least you had a shot at going. Some of us with no chance of going have to be content to look at pictures and read the stories.

    Bob (aka stude53)

  5. Don't be trying to one up me on poopy things to happen. I won't put up with it!

  6. Thanks Bob .. I'm taking it easy and letting the meds do their thing to heal me up. It just sucks having to sit this one out.

    Diane ... I'm doing my best but life, like a zoo monkey, seems to like flinging it my way when I least expect it.

  7. Bwahahahahaha ... red beans and rice are all over my laptop monitor from reading that.