slab denizens

On my way back out of CA I stopped by to drop off a few xmas gifts with the friend and hang out for a bit. It was while we were shooting the shit that I was reminded of just how many people I met and talked to on my first visit. I really wished I had been able to spend more time getting to know the people and the place better. I thought I would share these unfinished bits of story with you.

The morning when we dropped by the Oasis I struck up a convo with one of the breakfast goers there. A pretty interesting guy who was well traveled. The part that blew me away was how he bankrolled his travels. Basically the man is living on disability which isn't remarkable in of itself. It's how he came about being able to collect it that caught me off guard. Basically the powers that be will fast track approve your application for benefits if you happen to spend time in psychiatric observation shortly before the approval takes place. When he used to work he did a host of odd jobs but mostly worked with the movie/tv entertainment industry. 

There was another guy eating his breakfast al fresco whom I didn't speak to but overheard his convo. He had just arrived from up north with his dog after traveling for the last 2 days. He'd just finished up an extended stay because of some extra work he was able to pull down. His dog wasn't very well trained and kept on trying to get at the beagle through a parked bicycle between them. This was a great source of amusement to me since his dog managed drop the bike and scare itself at least 3x.

The night before while we were at The Range watching the talent show. There was a young couple performing on stage. Boyfriend/girlfriend from the looks of things. He was playing guitar and she was singing. Sadly she wasn't a good singer but kudos for getting up there and doing it. She was cute though, and dressed nicely as was he. For a sec I thought they looked out of place until I realized that many were dressed nicely and not so nicely present. They left right after their turn on state was over so I never got a chance to talk with them. I regret it because I'm still wondering what their story was. If they were victims of the economic downturn or just itinerant hippies?

I really wish I wasn't as doped up on allergy meds as I was that night. I was hit hard and had to sit out most of the show in my truck while I waited for the allergy meds to kick in. I was a bit loopy the rest of the night but met a lot of the really nice retirees and younger locals. Good people, good times!


  1. Interesting post Steve. There's a how to e book in this somehow. You have hit on what so many of us are trying to figure out, just how to make a living out on the road.

  2. This stuff has been bouncing around the inside of my brain since I left. I wasn't sure where to go with it but figured to just get it out and let whatever story is there tell itself. I hope it came out alright.