wear my mind on my sleeve

Not a whole lot has been going on this past week. It's been a few weeks since the doctors visit, and I'm glad to say I'm doing much better. I mean aside from catching another cold last weekend. My blood pressure has been reading just below and above average which means I'm back to normal. The remaining complications from my allergies are on the mend as well. I haven't felt this good in years!

Mentally, I guess, I'm in a state of blah at this time. This was the week I was supposed to be in Quartzsite for RTR II and having to cancel the trip has left me so. Reading the blogs of those who went has helped me feel connected but also exacerbated the negative feelings of being stuck here. It's moments like these that define my lack of the male sports gene and hatred of watching any sporting event. I love to play I just hate watching.

Half the day has wasted away already so rather than sit here any longer I'm going to make myself run a few errands.

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