buddha is good

It's been barely four hours (plus one day when I started writing this) since returning home and I'm wishing I wasn't here (again). This weekend I emptied my storage closets along with a few household items and took everything up to the new home. It's the first of many trips until I'm fully moved in by end of next month. In addition to carting stuff up this weekend I got to reacquaint myself with the apartment, room, area, and check out a few things in person. Namely find and see where my future home will be stored. Jason (roommate to be) tipped me off to an rv & boat storage nearby that's in a good part of town and will cost me $45 a month instead of the $60 I pay now. Yet another nice little benefit! The bedroom is oddly shaped and a little bit smaller than expected. It isn't a bad thing and only means I'll get rid of the office furniture sooner than later. By the time I move in there the only two pieces of furniture that I'll own are my entertainment center and an air mattress. I'm sure once word gets out about this I'll be an instant hit with the ladies.

I spent the rest of the weekend there shopping and hiking. I finally made it out to see the local Chinatown and loaded up on the hard to get grocery items and ate about half of them before making it back home. It's funny how circumstances have turned for the better, and fitting that that last I will live in is the first place I lived in when I arrived in Texas.

Morning walk @ the creek

A potential future meal

A childhood treat

My soon to be bedroom (w/none of my stuff in it)

Sunday morning hike

Dog park excursion

Post dog park wind down

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