Mind if I get philosophical with you? With this upcoming move and the big day only months away ... I'm coming to realize that I'm about to not only let go of everything as I know it, but embark on probably the most important journey of my life. The beauty of this is that I there's no destination or objective to it. For once I'll go where I really want to in life. My sister believes that I'm looking for something and hopes I find whatever it is. I know I'll find many things along the way. Maybe myself. Whatever it is I find, good or bad, I'm looking forward to it. Then again, not.


  1. Stay buoyant, and keep your knees bent. Above all, avoid mixed metaphors.

    1. Bwahahahaha ... how did i miss this one. Best advice, EVAR!!!

  2. Excited for you, man! We do have to get together a couple more times before that happens. Who knows when we might meet next? I am settled into SA for a while finishing some work here. But as soon as I am done... I am also outta here. :) Good to hear about your progress. I look forward to reading your posts during your travels to come.