I'm experiencing a new level of torture here. It's one thing to be waiting to start a new life while I get my house in order, but something entirely different while I prepare to change said house while already waiting. I spent the last week going through everything I own (again) and separating it into three categories. Moving, selling, and donating. All the donate stuff has already been taken to Goodwill leaving me with the moving and selling piles.

I'm ready to move now but have to wait five more weeks before I'm outta here. Technically it's seven weeks because my lease is officially up in mid October. I'm vacating early even though I have to still pay rent for that time, and can't turn in my keys until my last day. I even have to keep the power and my insurance coverage on the place til then too. I love how leases force you into the most absurd circumstances. Still, I tell myself the time will fly and this will all be over soon enough.

My main concern is whether I should put the furniture up for sale sooner or later? And what kind of freaks I might have to deal with. There's gotta be a better way than craigslist.


  1. No garage sale? Newspaper? I sold some stuff on craigslist.....didn't get a freak or jerk. Only a couple on the phone trying to get a 100 buck thingie to a 50 buck thingie. Really. Get real people after I said I was firm on the price.
    Except for the bed do you really need anything else? Just babbling along. LOL

    1. Nope, no garage sale on account of there being no garage to sell out of. I'm in a gated apartment community is why.

      I'm glad to hear craigslist is safer than I'd originally thought.