can you roku?

One of the things I invested in recently was the Roku streaming player. My Xbox live membership lapsed last month and with it went my access to Netflix. I needed another way to watch it on my TV and the Roku was the solution. The cost was even the same as renewing my membership but in this case it won't expire. So what's a Roku? In short it's a hardware appliance that allows you to watch TV using a wifi internet connection. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Vudu are just a few of the available channels on it. In addition to the pay per view channels there are even more free channels to watch. They have four models starting at $49- $99. I got the entry level HD model which costs $59 and comes with a remote, composite cable connector, and power supply. It's simple to setup and even easier to use. Software/firmware updates are all handled via the wifi connection and done automatically so you don't have to worry about it. The thing I really like about this is how easily you can add/remove your favorite channels in a quick list menu so you don't have to cycle thru all of them just to get to the ones you want to watch. You do need to setup an account and credit card with them since some of the channels bill the pay per view stuff through them. This doesn't apply with Netflix or similar channels where you direct bill with them.

What about when I'm on the road? This thing is completely useless when boondocking due to the lack of internet access so I'd only be using it when at RV parks (or any other place) with free wifi. I read that there are a few boondocking sites where mobile wifi hotspots can pickup a signal. With a little luck I might be able to sneak in a flick or two out there. I'll have to wait and see how it does when the time comes. Worst case scenario I still get my moneys worth out of it while I'm still sticks and bricks, and can then make a gift of it to family or a friend if it doesn't prove out.


  1. Interesting. Now, how would this be different from streaming to your computer? Is it that you can watch your actual TV instead of a small screen?

    We have stayed in a few places where signal was completely non-existent, but that's through Annie's phone. We've stayed in many more where signal is intermittent (there go the G's!). Like here. Intermittent sucks for streaming.

    1. Technically it's no different. The only difference is that it only streams to a TV. I absolutely hate watching TV on computer screens for two reasons. My vision isn't bad but I do have to wear reading glasses now, and you sometimes miss seeing something critical to the story on a smaller screen.

      Have you guys looked into a Wilson signal booster on your rig? I've read where it's made the difference for mobile phone/wifi hotspot reception.

    2. We do have a Wilson cell phone signal booster, but find it generally annoying and unhelpful. You have to tweak it constantly to keep the light green, and it's a power suck. We've been generally disappointed with its performance. However, if you can get it to boost, it does enhance your signal.

      We've decided to spring for the Wilson Sleek 4GV. Delivery tomorrow; cross things for us.

    3. P.S. Did your illness get in the way of your lab work?

    4. OoOOooo ... Please let me know if that one does it for you guys!

    5. They recommended I wait til I'm clear of it and all the over the counter meds I took if I wanted a good read. I've postponed my bloodwork until next month. Another month of oatmeal and fruit smoothies won't hurt none either.