under the weather

Hi guys I'm a little overdue on this one. I've been sick over the past two weeks and there hasn't been much left of me due to the new work schedule. At first I thought it was something minor pushed myself through it like I always do. It knocked me on my ass that first weekend so I took it easy this last week and convalesced like I should have. I've still got a touch of it with me, but am feeling much better than before.

Unfortunately I've not done much, or been able to hold a coherent thought outside of recalling a few very strange fever dreams. I don't know how much traction the dream about Master Chief (from Halo) helping me defeat an attack by 10 foot tall zombie beagles. This has got to be why Nyquil was invented. 

Yesterday I went to check in on my trailer at the storage yard. Aside from everything being just as I'd left it, seeing it helped refocus my thoughts. I realized that this was the first in a long time that I had been as sick as I have. Were it not for the roommate to dispense soup and medicine I might have been in real trouble had I been alone. I'm going to make it a point of knowing what friends are nearby should something like this happen again. That and I'm going to keep some Nyquil and a few cans of chicken noodle soup handy.  


  1. Bleh. Sorry to hear you've been so sick.

  2. Hope you are on the mend. Being sick sucks!

    1. I am. It's been about a week since I posted this and my cough is just about completely gone now.