two years

Today marks the anniversary of this blog. My main reason for starting it back then was to journal my progress as I prepare for this new life. When I look back now I realize that it's been a long yet fast three years. Point of fact, the discovery and decision to do it took place the year before starting the blog. I'm really not big on sharing much of myself with total strangers so there has been a bit of a learning curve. It's not that I've got anything to hide since I'm pretty much an open book with my friends. It's just different. This is why my posts (especially all the early stuff) tend to make for some dry reading. I'm a lot more animated and fun to be with in person. No really, I promise you. I'm working on bringing that part of me into the writing so I appreciate your bearing with me.

Thanks to all who subscribed and stuck it out with me this far. I can't wait to see what the next few years bring me.


  1. Ya! For those that don't know, Steve is a really funny guy in real life!

    He's "really friendly"!

  2. Hoo boy, Steve. She used the "quotation marks." That's ominous.

    1. lol ... that was one of those great moments you had to be there for.

  3. Happy late bloggaversary!

    Cyndi and Stumpy