happy birthday, my little monster

My little one turns eight today. Oh and according to the vet I was wrong last year about her becoming a senior citizen, it's this year that it officially happens. Thanks internet for the accurate information (again).

Homecoming day Feb 5 2005
I remember the day I brought her home. My mother spearheaded the mission to get her which was a complete surprise to me. Growing up she's always been against dogs and only tolerated them since the rest of the family overruled her on having one. I think this might've been because we always had german shepherds and weren't fans of any of the smaller breeds. That morning I dropped by for breakfast which is where it all began. She said "I know you don't like small dogs, but which if you did which one would you get?". I answered "a beagle" since I'm partial to working dogs and that made the most sense to me. That was the moment when I learned that my mother was a closet beagle fan. By the time I realized what had just happened we had already been to five different places by that afternoon. I was thoroughly burnt out on even getting a dog by that time and have given up. My niece was the one who found her. I figured ok, I'll look at one last pup and then we can go home after this. She was trembling uncontrollably as they handed her to me but calmed down after a few minutes. We played together for about a half hour before I had to make a decision. I was still on the fence about getting her up until then but this is what changed my mind. When I looked down and asked her if she wanted to come home with me she looked up and started licking my nose. She had me already and I didn't even know it.

My little old lady
"What are you gonna name her?" was her question on the ride home. Since I hadn't met the right or wrong girl, or even one willing to hold still long enough for me to impregnate. I decided to invoke the practice of naming her after a grandparent. "Bridgette, after you mom" is what I told her half joking. Mom kind of laughed while saying "Noooo". My niece, who was in the backseat holding her, said "but grandma, she looks like your mom". When we pulled in my parent's driveway their neighbor happened to be out front and saw her. She asked what I planned to name her and before I had a chance to answer said "she looks like a Bridgette, you should name her Bridgette". And that was that!

It's been almost eight years and I don't know what I would do without her. It's her day so I'm letting her do just about anything she wants to. Right now she's chosen to snore thru her nap on top of my clean unfolded laundry. Happy Birthday sweet pea!


  1. Look...a dog!

    Happy Birthday, Bridgette!

  2. Oh how sweet...thanks for sharing her story. Happy Birthday Sweet Pea Bridgette!!

  3. What a wonderful story of your little friend's origins! :) She does look really sweet.