so when do you leave, for reals.

When I wrote "so when do you leave" I got so caught up in the history that I left out explaining what I have planned. Point of fact I don't have a hard departure date, yet. It's not a matter of laziness or fear or any number of excuses one might come up with so much as I prefer to plan things a little loosely. As of this moment I'm almost at the halfway point of paying off my final bill and becoming debt free. Once that's completed I'll review my circumstances at that time and then set the date. With regards to planning there's always any number of things that can help or hinder them. Planing loosely allows me to take advantage of changes as they happen. Even delays have proven to be blessings as you read in my original post. Don't let anything that seems like a setback discourage you. Slow and steady wins the race.


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    1. I emailed you directions on how to follow.

  2. I think that having no plans has made my life more full and rich than it ever would be if I planned everything I choose to do. I hope we can catch up while I'm here in Texas :)

    1. For sure. How long will you guys be here, and if you leave when and what direction are you going yathink?