open, to falling from grace

About a year plus ago I learned that Rod (Asian Gypseh) and I lived in the same town. Since then we make it a point to get together for lunch at our favorite Brazillian (a lot of money I'm told) steak house. Since moving I was finally able to get him to try a BBQ place I've been raving about for a better part of the year. The place has a neat little history that you can read about on the website, and you really owe it to yourself to try it if you're in town. You won't regret it!

The last time I was here was almost two years ago now that I'm thinking about it. I know this slight fall from grace is a 180 from my efforts to improve my health, but it was WORTH IT!!! It was today and today only because I know I won't be eating like this again for a long time to come. I can live with the guilt. I might even shed a tear, really.

I did find a way to strike a balance to today's meat fest. After finishing we picked up the beagle and hauled off to one of my local hikes. We knocked out a respectable four mile hike in under two hours. I was halfway expecting to choke on the hike due to the meat coma that always comes from the kind of meal we just ate. It never came and we kept a good pace going the whole time. 

Rod's good people and it's nice to be able to shoot the shit with someone who gets the mobile lifestyle. Combine that with him being something of a foodie and you've got the makings of a great time. Well, even though we never got past eating anywhere but that steak house we used to go to. Good times!


  1. That was a memorable day, my man. :) Really had a blast from beginning to end. I thought I'd also get GERDs from the hike, thankfully nothing happened. Can't wait for the return trip! You're a pleasure to be with as well. Happy Holidays to you and little Bridget.

    1. It wouldn't have happened since we had a good half hour before we started the hike, and also didn't over stuff ourselves at lunch. The other trail I told you about is more of a workout but is worth it.