ending it

Today I pulled the plug on something that turned out to be bad for me. Dissappointments are never fun. It didn't start out that way, it never really does though. I came to realize what was wrong before it was too late and got out. I gave it more than a fair chance, but in the end it was clear that I would never back what I gave despite all its promise. At any rate I've found a way to take back what I gave, and keep in touch with those who helped make this bumpy ride easier to endure. Truth be told I knew that I felt this way about it for a long time, and not sure why I hung on as long as I did. I even purposely ended my participation months ago. I guess I just need to see if I was justified before I did this. A huge, dead weight has been lifted of me and I couldn't feel any better if I tried.

So in closing. I do hope that every malice is visited upon you ten fold, and that you crumble slowly under the weight of your own absurd idiocy. You sincerely deserve it Facebook.

What?!? I never said I was a saint!

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