xmas leftovers

So I totally dropped the ball and forgot (again) to take a picture of the awesome feast I prepared. In order to make it up to anyone who really wanted to see it I'm instead posting picutres from the last couple of days. Before the roommate left to spend Xmas with his family we managed to get our dogs to wear stuff and sit still for this picture.

Behold the power of beef!

Sunday morning we managed to knock out a nice four mile hike while carrying on a phone conversation with my friend Monica, whom I hiked with last year on xmas day (on christmas day in the morning).

Something beagle, this way walks

Something beagle, this way swims?

Something beagle, oh you've gotta get it by now.

On Xmas eve I managed to celebrate and devour that delicious dinner I prepared with my family via Skype. After dinner we all went into the living room and opened gifts.

Sissy knows how much I love to watch my father eat.

He played with it all night!

Nailed it!

On Xmas day we hiked our other favorite local trail. I know it looks the same, but it's different. Trust me. Or don't. We don't care. We know it was a different trail. That's out story and we're sticking to it!

Still not caring what you think!

No butt's about it!


  1. Seen one trail, seen 'em...hey, that's new!

    StuffOnMyDogdotcom. It's not a real website, but StuffOnMyCat.com is.

    1. There will be soon though. In the meantime have you been to www.breadedcats.com?