xmas preparations and what not

Things have been going well despite how hectic this time of year can get. I managed to get my xmas shopping done this last week since I only had the niece and nephew to buy for. I got my niece 3 pairs of boot socks which according to my sister will most likely be her favorite gifts this xmas. I'm really happy about this one because I've been completely clueless about what to get her since she hit her teens. Sissy told me what she wanted, but not where to look. So I used my mad internet skills and found them @ Etsy.com. According to the pics I emailed her (sissy) they were "cuter" than anything they could find localy. Nailed it! For my nephew it was a radio flyer "my first" scooter where I'm positive he'll drive everyone crazy from riding it all over the house. He's easy to shop for and I don't foresee this getting any more difficult as he gets older. I didn't get anything for my remaining family members since I'll be squaring up with them in person in a few weeks.

This week I get to work from home which makes the beagle very happy. One of the nicer perks of the company I work for. Unfortunately it's my turn to be on call which means I'm sort of on a digital leash. I guess I really can't complain since this happens once every 8 weeks for me. I don't wanna jinx it so I won't say anything about what I hope won't happen while I'm on it. If you're inclined to do so, any and all good vibes sent this way will be apprciated.

It's been over two weeks since my disasterous lipid screening (mea culpa). I don't know what my numbers are now but if my blood pressure is any indication of progress, I'm on the right track. It was 140/100 at time of screening and is now averaging 117/77 with a resting heart rate of around 74. For now I'm keeping to the diet/exercise/supplements but will relax the regimine down to maintenance levels by the end of next month. This is also when I've scheduled my lipid retest. 

For Xmas dinner tonight I'm kind of repeating the meal I made for Thanksgiving. I'm leaving out the ham this time due to the diet. In case I didn't mention it. I'm making roasted turkey, corn bread stuffing, mashed potatos, corn on the cob, and blanched broccoli for dinner tonight. I'll do my best to remember to snap a picture before eating it this time.

While I'm on the subject. Last year on xmas day I went out on a hike with a friend and the beagle in tow. It worked out that way since it was the only free time we both had available. We got a chance to enjoy nature and work off some of the holiday fat. This struck me as being a good excuse to start a holiday tradition, so from here on out I'm hiking on Xmas day. Join me in doing the same tomorrow if the weather permits where you're at.

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Must have lost the last post you did because I didn't know about your medical issue. So glad your taking care of it and the numbers look good.
    Had to Google boot socks as I had NO idea what you were talking about. Pretty cool. Have a Merry Christmas Steve!!!

    1. I updated this post with a link to the one about my test results.

      Thankfully it's not a permanent health issue, and something I can fix.

      Have a Merry one too Michelle!

  2. Merry Xmas! Kudos for buying on Etsy, where people still actually make things.

    1. Thank you! I knew nothing about Etsy before this purchase but was pleased when I found out. I always do my best to patronize the mom and pop shops and lucked out since the Grace & Lace company is also a home grown local business.

  3. Good to read that your numbers are good, Steve! Merry Xmas!