into everyone's life, a little rain must fall

Over this last week we got about two and a half days of heavy rainfall to be exact, and I welcomed the break from the warmer weather we've been having. Then there was the other kind of rain falling into my life. The shoes I ordered arrived but we ran into a problem. Mine were fine and I can't wait to break them in after the mud dries up a little. It was Bridgette's shoes that were the problem. The maker had resized them and the smallest size available is not too big for her paws. I called asking and pleading if they would make at least one pair in her size, but they wouldn't budge. They did offer me an alternative by way of a different model line that they do make in her size. Although not quite as cool as the Grip Trex they are still better than her original ones. I had to order them direct from the maker since REI didn't carry them, but I had to shell out for shipping even though they were cheaper. I saved a little so it's not all bad.

I went to return her shoes and wound up picking up some hiking pants instead. They're the REI Sahara hiking pants and were on sale so I still got some cash back on the exchange. I didn't realize just how badly I needed these things until wore them on my hike yesterday. The light weight and quick dry features are a welcome change over the old khaki cargo pants or shorts I usually wear. I realize I may be a bit of a late comer to this but didn't realize the weight would make such a dramatic difference on a hike. The beagle and I knocked out an almost six mile hike in about an hour and a half yesterday because of it.

I also didn't get the trailer tires replaced this weekend as planned. I forgot to write down the tire size last weekend and couldn't have them place the order for them in time for this weekend. I corrected that today so they'll be there ready and waiting this coming Saturday.

In case anyone hasn't noticed. The frequency of my weekend trailer visits has increased recently. There've been lots of reasons for this, but mainly I needed a quiet place to think and work out what's been going on in my life lately. My trailer is finally living up to it's name in being the haven I needed. I've been seriously wondering if now'ish is the right time to pull up stakes. It's a game of chicken with fate at present. Here are some of the game pieces I'm dealing with. The longer I work, the more I save. When my parents reach the point where I have to be there to care for them. How much longer can I stand the work commute. Will my position still exist with all the changes they're making at the company. And a few other odds and ends but that's pretty much it. No decisions or dates have been made or set yet, and the status quo is allowing me to save. I think that's the answer right there. Keep the status quo and keep saving until one of the aforementioned factors decides it for me.

I think now is a good time to take the beagle out on another hike.


  1. Hello Steve!
    It's good to read your updates! Man, I wish I could have taken in one more hike with you and little beagle there before I left. If I close my eyes, I can still imagine the trail we hiked. Good times. Glad to hear you've found your trailer to be a good respite from the outside world --as it should be for that is your home. :) I find myself agreeing with your assessment of your situation. Yeah, it pays to not fix what ain't broken. It's a good thing to keep saving needed ammo for your eventual departure. Good to hear most things with you are well, my friend.

    1. No worries as I know lots of great places to hike in the S CA area that we can take advantage of!