i've got dreams

... to remember - Otis Redding

It was another early Saturday morning for us. I jumped into my grubs, grabbed a bag I packed the night before, and hauled us off to the trailer. It was bath day seeing as how I procrastinated on doing it last weekend. I found a self service car wash that caters to RV'rs by way of having two high ceiling wash bays. The best part was being able to swipe my ATM card to pay for it. I spent roughly 20 minutes from beginning to end with a total cost of $14. A local RV cleaning service quoted me $100 to clean a sixteen foot trailer. No thank you I'll take the $14 elbow grease option instead. Besides the exercise did me some good. I picked up some lunch on the way back to the storage yard, parked, climbed in for a nice lunch, and co-napped with the beagle. 

No new shoes for Bridgette. Turns out they don't have anything that will fit her, for now. The nice girl at Ruffwear I spoke with said that they'll be releasing a shoe that will fit her, but it won't be out until this fall. Her old shoes are still going so I guess we'll see how much more life we can get outta them til then.

Last night my roommate drunkenly tried to convince me to go out on a night on the town with him. Poor guy cited the usual litany of reasons why I should see certain parts of this town while I still reside here. He definitely forgot who I am. I've historically steered clear of major metro areas and am only there unless absolutely necessary. Thankfully he gave up and I had my quiet night of Doctor Who and dinner. 

Over this last week things have become uncomfortable at work for the entire team to the point where they are all openly looking for employment elsewhere. For those not keeping up. Leadership has been making staff policy changes that have left us feeling like we're red headed step kids. In my case I now have a four day a week commute. I don't like it but have gotten used to it again. The main drawback is the limited number of hours I have per day to get things done but I am coping. We believe they're doing this so they don't have to let us go and are all wondering if we'll have the job as we know it for much longer. I guess it's a moot point given my possible need for an early departure. Even though the corporate 9-5 (6-6 in my case) lifestyle has worn thin with me I would still like to end it on a high note regardless of how or when I leave. 

I'm back at the trailer this morning, thinking and planning. In light of either my job ending or my parents needing me, I've decided to let them play chicken with each other. When whichever happens I'll head back to CA and figure out where to go from there. While here I've been making mental arrangements of where (what little I have left) will go for the return trip. This exercise has reawoken a lot of little memories from when I was first learning and planning how I would survive in a full time lifestyle. Nothing worked out the way I expected it to go three years ago, but most of it has definitely been for the better. 

On that note I'm gonna finish my cup of tea and take a nap.

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  1. Hope you get things sorted out at work, Steve. Glad to hear Brigitte is doing well even without new shoes.
    Sorry to hear about the job stress.
    It seems to be the thing to do these days with certain companies... they try to make things unpleasant for you so you "self terminate" as they say.
    Hang in there, my friend.