Last weekend I had the misfortune of hitting a slick patch and wiping out while out on a bike ride. None of the injuries were life threatening but they did back a little. It was a few bruises, road rash, with the worst of it being a bruised wrist bone. This was the one attached to my dominant hand. Getting around wasn't too bad outside of trying to use my laptop. Instead, I relied on my tablet and the google voice dictation feature helped me to keep up with emails and what not. It definitely made a difference! Today is the first day I've been able to do anything normal with it, so instead I chose to update my blog.

Here's an exchange between me, gramps, and my nephew from last night. He's almost four.
Grandpa: Say girl
Nephew: Gwrl!
Me: How do you say girl?
Nephew: Gwrl!
Me: Do you like girls?
Nephew: Yes.
Me: Me too
Nephew: I also like naked girls
Grandpa & Me lose it!

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