leftovers from the massacre

So yesterday morning I bought a kids bike trailer after hunting for a deal on one the last few months. It's a used double wide I found on craigslist for $40. which normally sells for $130 new. Sissy and I discussed getting one and agreed to split use of it. She'd use it for a year or so with my nephew, and I would then use it with Bridgette. This being for when she's too old and arthritic to get around unassisted. What neither of us took into account at that time was that Blake would almost ready for the training wheels to come off. Now she doesn't need it, but I'm not ready for it. The price and condition made it too good to pass up, but I don't want it to sit around in storage. At first thought it seemed kind of overkill to take with, but then the brain gears started turning. I realized I would have quite a few uses for it. I'll save gas when using it for grocery/supply runs where applicable. It may also come in handy with Bridgette and/or the (impending) puppy if I'm in an area with really shitty drivers (like here in SoCal). It can hold up to a 100 lbs which means I could haul a full propane tank (38 lbs) in it with room to spare. The gears are still cranking but those are just a few ideas off the top. The thing I like best is how it folds up for easy storage.

After getting home I helped mom with some dinner prep and then decided to take advantage the day. It was a nice slightly overcast 74° day with a mild breeze. The ride was near perfect with the exception of my right hand/wrist. It's a touch weak from my wipe out a few weeks ago. After about fifteen miles I stopped for a rest and was rewarded with a nice little vista. It's moments like these that make staying in SoCal tolerable.

An old and tired practice is people photographing feasts before they're devoured. Everyone does it, and you see it all over instagram. I'm kind of sick of seeing that. Instead I'm gonna take pictures of the aftermath. Here's our Thanksgiving day turkey massacre. That poor bird never saw us coming.

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