dim sum and then some

Oops, forgot to take a picture of the food.
It was so good!

This morning we took my niece out for some dim sum. Poor thing has been craving Chinese food since she started college, and there's none worth mention there. She, as well as the rest of us, devoured just about everything placed in front of us. A fantastic meal like that always leaves us all feeling fat and sassy. This is honestly one of those things I wish was more readily available nationwide; I'm getting my fill since I really missed it when living in MN and TX. It really has been a while and I'm really enjoying and loving the time spent with my family. What's funny is at first mom was resistant to my undetermined length of unemployment and insisted I take on a job. Had I done so I wouldn't have been able to do (or not do in some cases) some of the stuff I have with them. Mom and Dad didn't get to spend this kind of time with their parents when they were my age. I think they realized that situations like mine don't always present themselves and they're both glad I'm around. I know my sister and her family are happy I'm around. When I leave it won't be so bad because I'll be closer by and can drop what I'm doing to come home at almost any time. Family!

Just kidding, here's the before picture.

Oreo is a week past her dental operation and back to her old self again. Oreo lost seven teeth and was on a diet of rice and shredded chicken for most of the week. She's now back to her kibble but I've added a tablespoon of shredded chicken, and baby carrots to one of her daily meals. She also finished her pain meds, but has a months worth of Sam E and Milk thistle to go through still. This is to help repair some possible liver damage from before, but also what the pain meds added to it. She's recovered nicely so far and finally has some pearly whites to show for what she's gone through.

Thanksgiving night the girls got a mixture of bits of turkey, ham, carrots, and kibble to celebrate the holiday as well as Bridgette's birthday from prior week. They both seemed to be aware that this was a special meal; they ate slowly savoring every bite instead of their usual cruchy gobbling.


The gratitude animals show you is so rewarding when they realize that you're actually helping them. I really enjoy helping animals and believe this the right career change choice for me. I'm looking forward to next year where I'll be volunteering at a few animal sanctuaries. 

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