back to school?

Maybe, maybe not. Today sis took me to the local junior college (which happens to have one of the best culinary arts programs) so we could find out where I'd need to start. The student center was closed, but there were a few people still in the building. We managed to get all the info we needed because the info desk was still manned. It's a close call and I may be able to start the spring session, but if not I can definitely start the summer one. I'm also looking into what financial aid programs can pay my way through this. Lord knows I paid more than enough into the system over the last 30 years and it wouldn't hurt to get some of that back.

In the meantime, the city community center offers a few cooking classes. They're a good starting point for me to get a feel and decide if I wanna go further. The cost is very low so I can afford to pay out of pocket for them.

So whilst I wait for the call from the sanctuary I'll take the cooking classes, apply for the culinary program/grant and/or loan, and find some crappy part time job to replenish the savings. If the sanctuary calls me with positive news I'll drop what I'm doing and head out. At least for two weeks. They do this so that we can assess each other. If they like what they see, they'll make me an offer. Likewise if I like what I see, I'll accept it. If not, then I'll return and start the program (providing I arrive before the session starts).

The more I think about the culinary program the more I'm excited by the thought of what I'd learn there. That's not to say that I would be any less excited to start working with animals. I could prioritize either as the primary since my love of both is equal, but am keeping animals at the forefront.

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